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Stunning decorations with paper fans

Simple, yet impactful – these are our paper fans! They enchant every room and every celebration with their colours and sizes. Our fans are available in different sizes 20cm, 30cm and 40cm as well as in many decorative colours light blue, petrol, light green, yellow, white, light pink and magenta.

Decorative fans in various sizes and designs, combined with different colours turn your party into a decomazing-one. Whether plain or playful, here at you will find everything your decoration heart desires. The paper fans’ tender tissue paper transforms into a wonderful, delicate flower when fanned out. No matter if it is your wedding reception, baby or bridal shower or birthday party – with paper fans, you can create a welcoming ambience in a heartbeat. Especially large rooms can be decorated fuss-free and impactfully, for example using our paper fans as backdrop of your candy bar, at your buffet or in the middle of the room. A mere wisp of wind, for example, is enough to move them and rotate elegantly – a truly magical effect! They cut a fine figure everywhere – even outdoors! Paper fans are an easy, but always stylish decorative element. Due to their ability to perfectly blend in with their surroundings, they should not be missing at any party. By the way, our small paper fans are also suitable as table decorations, by opening them up halfway. Now, you just fix it onto the table, for example with double-sided adhesive tape or with the weight of flower vases – simple, yet so beautifully effective! All (decomazing) paper fans are made of tissue paper and they already have a small ribbon attached for tying them together and to make mounting easier.

With the help of our patterned decorative fans, made of thick paper, you can add a little more playfulness to your location. Our product range includes striped fans in the colours light blue along with pink and white. You prefer dots over stripes? Then feel free to take a closer look at our dotted paper fans in pink and light blue. Thanks to their white dots, they appear light and airy and radiate pure joy. Our fans with a gold-rim decoration are perfectly suited for a noble occassion, for example as wedding decoration. You cand find them right here, in various colours and sizes. The absolute classics are also part of our repertoire. The mix of white and gold or black and gold exudes timeless elegance despite being quite modern. In many cases, it depends on the location. All our patterned decorative fans are made of resistant paper and are already equipped with an adhesive strip which makes them durable and easy to install. A ribbon attached in advance makes mounting way easier for you. If you want to re-use the fans several times, we recommend closing them with paper clips (preferably in white), instead of adhesive strips. Like this, you can stow them safely and space-savingly after your party and re-use them anytime.

Naturally, we offer you our paper fan sets (several fans in different colours and sizes in one set), or you can also get them in pre-arranged party sets, combined with our other decomazing products. Take a look around, let yourself be inspired and order your favourites easily and conveniently from our online shop.
Design your personal party decoration right now, according to your wishes – just come and let your party be decomazing!

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