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Paper lanterns or lampions as decoration highlights!

Our paper lanterns create just the right atmospheric decoration for every celebration in no time. They are available in many colours and different sizes like 15 cm (5.9″), 20 cm (7.9″) and 30 cm (11.8″). Special eye-catchers are our patterned paper lanterns. Simply decomazing!

No matter whether in- or outdoors – you always make the right choice with paper lanterns as decoration highlights. They create a suitable, atmospheric decoration for any occasion! Our great range of different colours and sizes makes it possible to provide a fitting article for every wedding, birthday or party. For a classical wedding, our white lanterns are the perfect fit. They are also a great base to be mixed with soft colours like light pink, light green or turquoise. Combined together, this colour combination results in a harmonious wedding decoration that can be expanded with every other colour – depending on taste, style, and yet regardless of the season.

You are planning a colourful garden party and are still in search of the finishing touch? With our paper lanterns (available in three different sizes) in the colours yellow, light blue, magenta, turquoise, white and light green, you can create your own colourful garland and create the perfect ambience for your party under the open sky. Always arranged alternately, depending on your taste – your individually designed decomazing decoration for the celebration is ready!

Uni-colour is too boring for you? We’ve got you covered: we offer you six different paper lanterns with designs in the colours light pink, ligh blue, and gold. Are you particularly into dots? Our white lanterns with blue or pink dots radiate a wonderful lightness and are a beautiful, playful decorative detail at every party. Furthermore, they can also be mixed fantastically with our lanterns in zig-zag or stripe-design; of course colour-matching in light blue and light pink. An outstanding elegant variant is our patterned paper lantern in white with golden, oblique stripes. They are extremely versatile, for example as a decorative highlight at a retro party themed “Golden 20s” or rather discreetly in the background of a wedding. With their help, Jubilee celebrations can also be aesthetically and stylishly decorated. Simply a must-have!

Every one of our beautiful lanterns can be wonderfully combined with fairy lights and create magically wonderful light effects, especially in the evening – for an atmospheric, romantic ambiance. Our paper lanterns always look great, whether on their own or as a garland – it depends on your ideas! Paper lanterns alone sounds too boring for you? No problem at all! Combine them, for example, with our tassel garlands – either always alternating them with lanterns or you can also attach colour-matching tassels right to the lower metal bar. Using them like this makes the lanterns look even more playful and turns them into a lovey wind chime, if you are celebrating outdoors. Let your party be decomazing!

Have a closer look at our category “Partysets” and find new inspiration, without any hassle. There, you can see our lanterns already combined with our other decorative articles. When you have found what you were looking for, simply order your favourites in our shop. All lanterns are shipped

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