Honeycomb balls

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Honeycomb balls

Honeycomb ball 15cm


Honeycomb balls

Honeycomb ball 20cm


Honeycomb balls

Honeycomb ball 30cm


Honeycomb balls

Honeycomb ball 40cm


Honeycomb balls

Honeycomb flowers 20cm


    Honeycomb balls

    Honeycomb flowers 30cm


    Honeycomb balls

    Honeycomb flowers 40cm


    Magical Honeycombs

    Honeycombs in their sheer variety of different shapes enchant the eyes. As balls, flowers or diamonds, they fill every room with an evocative ambiance.On one hand they are stunningly beautiful eyecatchers, on the other hand, they are unobtrusive enough, to not drive away the attention. Create the perfect flair for your wedding, baby shower, gender reveal party, christening or your birthday party in no time and with the help of our honeycombs. Whether in the garden or inside – our honeycombs are smashing in every shape and colour!

    Our honeycombs are available in the following sizes: 5.9″ (15 cm), 7.9″ (20 cm), 11.8″ (30 cm) and 15.8″ (40 cm). We offer you our classic honeycomb with its typical round shape in beautiful colours like white, light blue, turquoise, light pink, magenta, light green, creme, yellow and black. Every honeycomb is made out of soft silk paper. They can either appear elegant or rather playful – depending on how you imagine your party or wedding decoration to be.Honeycombs are also a wonderful table setting if you feather them halfway and secure them right on the table-top.

    Also a part of our repertoire: the diamond-shaped honeycomb in soft pastel tones is ideal for every decoration style. Its unique design makes it perfect for a wedding or an anniversary celebration, for example a 50th birthday or a silver wedding. However, our honeycombs also cut a fine figure at solemn occasions like a baptism ceremony.

    New in our product range are our honeycombflowers, radiating an elegant and romantic flair. That is why they go particularly well with wedding decorations. Their soft round shapes ressemble dream-like filled flowers or endless flower petals. We offer our flowers, made out of silk paper, with diameters of 20cm, 30cm and 40cm and in seven lovely pastel colour hues which can be easily combined and always create a wonderful picture. This variation is also perfectly suited for being the table decoration at your party! Together with flowers in different kind of vases or flower arrangements of any type: Just excellent for every party! You definitely shouldn’t miss out!

    All of the mentioned variations are superb alternatives to Pom Poms, but they are set up way faster, since they can be effortlessly opened up. By the way, they can be reused with paper clips. For them to serve you for years, it is best to store them space-savingly, flat and closed shut. Besides: all our honeycombs already have a small (integrated) band attached.This makes it possible to easily hang them up. Simply decomazing!

    Depending on the occasion, you can mix various sizes and colours for creating a unique wow-effect! Create your own decomazing-party! Or do you feel like glamming up your home? That’s also something our honeycombs are perfectly fitted for! No matter the time of the year.
    You would like to have more than just one honeycomb? No problem at all! Our honeycombs are available in many different colour-coordinated sets.Just take a look around, find your favourite and order your desired party decoration right here in our shop – uncomplicated and easily.
    If you have any questions (regarding our products), please do not hesitate and contact us righ away via our contact form.

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